There are no words to describe the value of the role dads play in the life of their family. God has placed a high calling on men to lead their families in humility and love, as they have been loved and led by their Father in heaven. SO JOIN US THIS COMING SUNDAY, BRING FAMILY[…]


The Big Weekend its a day of fun with variety of games and events, socialising with peers from across the city, and a time of equipping our children with strong Christian values. From high energy, passionate worship to games teaching teamwork and leadership values, the Big Weekend is an event loved by our children. Starting[…]


1 John teaches God’s people how they can be assured in their eternal standing before God, and what sincere faith inevitably looks like in the life of a true believer. SO JOIN US IN THIS EXPLORATION JOURNEY OF THIS AWESOME BOOK OF 1 JOHN

Corporate Prayer

Corporate prayer is an important part of the life of the church, along with worship, sound doctrine, communion, and fellowship. The early church met regularly to learn the doctrine of the apostles, break bread, and pray together (Acts 2:42). When we pray together with other believers, the effects can be very positive. Corporate prayer edifies[…]