April 24, 2019

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  • I/we understand that, in the event of medical treatment being required, every effort will be made to contact me. However, if i cannot be reached, i give my permission to the staff or sponsor to procure medical treatment, including anaesthesia, for my child's well being.
  • R55 per child, Payment by EFT or payable at the door. Use your name as Ref: Red Harbour Church Bank name: FNB Branch: Bedford Gardens Branch code: 250655 Acc 62415011080
  • The Big Weekend is hosted by Red Harbour Church. It is a day of fun with variety of games and events, socialising with peers from across the city, and a time of equipping our children with strong Christian values. From high energy, passionate worship to games teaching teamwork and leadership values, the Big Weekend is an event loved by our children. By registering for the event you automatically agree to the indemnity conditions and agree to indemnify all relating parties of the event, and will not hold any of the teachers responsible for any mishap whatsoever that might occur to your child while at the Big Weekend 2019. You, as the parent or guardian, understand that every care will be taken and the children will be supervised at all times.