February 24, 2016


Our vision

“Red Harbour” stands for Redemption Harbour. Like a harbour, we want to see many people from all walks of life coming in, being connected to a healthy church family, being restored, being equipped and then sent out to bring the Gospel to all people everywhere in the world.

Our values

Jesus first

Jesus is our focus in everything we do. We exist to make Him known throughout the world as the one who reconciled us to God and shows us God’s unconditional love. We look to live as he lived and love as he loved.

Friendship before function

(John 15:13)

Relationships take a priority – not performance, skill, giftings. We see fellowship as a core value established by God in his Church from the beginning (Acts 2:42).

Integrated and functioning

In line with ‘friendship before function’ (above), no believer in Jesus should live as an island but ought to be integrated into a local church and fulfilling the ministry God has given them there.

Truth before Tradition

(2 Timothy 2:15)

What we see in the Scriptures always supersedes any tradition. Our theology fashions our behaviour, not the other way around.

Wild but not Weird

(Romans 12:11)

We’re often called by God to do things that may make us uncomfortable and don’t fit in with our culture. God will never contradict what we can see in the Bible (He’ll never tell us to do something immoral) but we even see that Jesus did many things that could be seen as rather wild. But He was always relevant and only acted out of love.

Growing by Going

Jesus instructed us to make disciples of all nations (Matt 28). This was an instruction for everyone in Jesus’ church, not just pastors or a select few. This is why we do a lot of ministry outside of our church into many areas of the world, where God opens doors for us, and every one in the church is encouraged to ‘go’.


God has established that local elders should lead a local church – not a headquarters, an arch-bishop, the state or any other kind of authority figure. Our relationship to New Covenant Ministries International (NCMI) does not override this Biblical value as we are not in a denomination of any kind. For more, see here.