February 24, 2016


Red Harbour Church is a Christian community in the city of Cape Town. Our mission is to show in any and every way that God loves mankind unconditionally while we have an unrelenting focus on Jesus Christ.

We follow Jesus Christ in everything we do. Not because what we do saves us, but because we seek to love as Jesus loved. We know that only the grace of the most high God, revealed in and through Jesus Christ, saves us.

God’s grace is open to anyone. We are not a perfect church but sinners saved by this grace! We are looking forward to the second coming of our great King Jesus and count it a privilege to, as Christians, be tasked with displaying God’s glory in this world.

We believe the Bible and live by the Holy Spirit. We are not “either-or” in this matter. In this way we look to advance the Kingdom of Jesus – the Kingdom of love, joy, peace, reconciliation, restoration, justice and more – in this world.

Why “Red Harbour?” It stands for Redemption Harbour. Like a harbour, we long to see many people from all walks of life coming in, being connected to the Red Harbour family, being restored, being equipped and then sent out to bring the Gospel to other parts of the world. That is our vision.